The Power of Sunsets – Why I try my best not to miss the sunset every day

August 20, 2020
The Power of Sunset


Have you ever ..

                                        experienced a setting sun deeply enough, to not let it go in verse of seconds. If next time you ever get a chance to be on your rooftop in the evening, better stay there for a bit longer. You can too feel the power of sunsets. Sunsets remind me how every ending can be equally admired, as any of the beginning. No doubt, sunsets are amazingly gorgeous but, there is more to it than just their beauty. More often, due to our hectic schedules, we forget to admire what’s around us, we pass by the amazing blend of natural colors and keep complaining of how we have nothing to cherish.


Describing any experience with the wonders of nature would be quite tough, but here is why I try my best not to miss the sunset every day.

Uplifts creativity

Seeing the gorgeous bled of pink, purple, light yellow, and many other colors, it reminds me to live in that very moment. Through out the day, our mind tends to run away either to the past or the future, making our system more worried. So, a few minutes of gazing at this beautiful view clams my mind and fills it with creativity. 

Heals the day

Sunset is the reminder that no matter how much we burn throughout the noon, we always set beautifully. In these few minutes, I recall my entire day. The day, which seemed to be gone, in no second, will be quite long and fruitful when realized. So, the day seems less hectic.

No big commitments

It doesn’t take any hard and fast commitments. Even when you are at work, a few minutes of break for the fresh breeze can make your ability to think and perceive things way better. If giving yourself 20 minutes from the entire day can make a difference, then why not? 

Strength to find way through failure

Sunset signifies the end of a journey. Here in my country, we even celebrate and worship the setting sun in Chaat Parva. Worshiping the setting sun practically symbolizes, showing our gratitude towards the elders. Admiring something that’s fading gives you the strength to find your way through failures you face in your journey of life. As we all know endings are beginning in disguise, every sunsets brings another morning.


Studies have also shown that people who are close to nature are more likely to be active, and less stressed. From the research done into ecotherapy, it shows that being around nature can help with mild to moderate depression too. So guess what? I am unconsciously getting myself out of depression, which is quite an achievement. 


With all these benefits listed above, there still are some, which can only be experienced by self. So, at least let’s give ourselves a few minutes to detoxify what we collect and store every day. I would love to hear your experience of the sunset so, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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