Losing motivation ? Know why you have to do it any way

August 14, 2020

Every day waking up to chase nothing? Losing motivation isn’t something people don’t face. I face it, and I know you do too. Not being good enough and not being able to meet the expectation isn’t something only you face. Recalling the truth you discovered yesterday! Know that you have so much more to discover. Things that are meant to be will find its way, but the things you want to happen are something you should work for. And when you desperately want it to happen, you just need to DO IT! DO IT even if you get chills and start shivering. DO IT not cause you need to prove yourself, do it for your peace. DO IT while you are racing your mind and heart.

Give that speech you always wanted to. Talk to strangers. Read that book you started. Tell your friend that sometimes you would want to be alone. Just DO IT for you have nothing to lose and nothing to regret. DO IT because you know you can. Tell the person who means the most to you that they matter. Jump in puddles and get wet in the rain. Publish that poetry you wrote. DO IT anyways. What do you fear? Of people out there who seem better than you? Or being laughed at? Or losing? You can always get over them, but DO IT cause the time will be gone. DO IT cause you never know how many people you might have inspired. Just DO IT! You never know. So DO IT.

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