Inspired at a Café

November 29, 2020
Inspired at Café

The concept of inspiration and its source is discussed in every young group of people. But, I often find inspiration in the most unexpected places and situations. Kathmandu is the Café Hub of Nepal. We have a café on every corner of the street. Being a typical college student, I also have a place to chill. One day, I was with all my crazy cousins and, it was quite dark. We had no energy to search for a place to eat, so we ended up at this place again.

We sat at my usual table,

ordered food. I looked around to see if there were other people to serve for, but we were all by ourselves. We were having a normal but fun day. Previously we visited Bhaktapur Durbar Square, saw how culturally rich the valley is. It is a common human tendency not to value what you have or what you see daily. Being with my cousins who saw those sculptures for the first time, they described them in the most interesting feeling I could ever imagine. But this is not what I am writing about in this blog.

After some time,

our food arrived hot and steaming. We were extremely hungry to interact with the Uncle who served us. He smiled at us genuinely and asked if we were friends. Being the leader of the group, the youngest one answered him that we are cousins. Then the reaction we got was not what we had expected.

He said : ” Ehh hora, that’s great. Feri feri pani aairakhnu hola.” Then he paused for a moment and said, ” Tapai harulai sajilo cha baba mamu le kamayera dinjel samma.”

I somehow got the sense in what direction this conversation was going towards.

I replied : “Haha, Uncle hajur le hamilai aarko choti naaaune banauna lagnu bhayo.”

” Testo sense lagauna khojeko hoina. yedi tapai harule hami haru jasto workers lai help garna cha bhane you all have to come often. Pachi aafaile kamauna thale pachi ta kharcha garna lov lagcha. Tapai haru aaunu bhayena bhane maile mero family kasari palne.”

This made me realize about my privilege. Hats Off!! to every individual who support their personal as well as their families’ expenses. Being financially independent is only the actual meaning of being independent. (These are the things I realized when I had that conversation run in my mind once again when I was observing the sunset. ?)


Moving along with time,

sometimes what we forget is to appreciate and love what we have. Once when we look back, we hardly find times when we accepted what we got and thanked the giver. This Uncle just made me realize the privilege I had. For that night, we just had our food got back home without much thinking.

I went to this same place recently,

after the lookdown was out of sight. That day, I called him out, thanked him for those lines he shared with us. In response, what he said was, ” I normally don’t share life lessons to my customers, it makes me less cool than what people pursue me as. But I am glad you didn’t find me that way.” I have always learned a lot from the people around me. As much as I love Extra Cheese Pizza, I love people and their stories on the same level.



you only need an un-planned conversation or, in this case, an un-planned café visit to learn lessons of life and get inspired. I have never found this energetic, this engaging, and this cheerful café worker. Hats off to every individual who works and supports their personal and also families’ expenses. So just, how we talk and search for inspiration, the inspiration is also searching that right moment for you to finally observe it.
To recognize the privilege is the first step towards learning life and appreciating it.

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