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August 27, 2020
Dhading Besi

I am terrible at making choices and a bit more terrible at sticking to those. And I figured out sometimes you need to get out of your daily life to know what you have been missing from so long. 1st semester into the engineering classes and I was stressed. (Which was my choice, I was fascinated by IT technicians when I was much younger). Though this was what I wanted, being there going through the hustle, repeating the same routine again and, again, was painful. I was tired, tired of not knowing anything, tired of pretending I understood. I needed a break. 


A few days later, I hear my father calling, he is going to Dhading Besi for his work. Then I instantly started to convince him to take me along. I completed my assignments, my lab reports, and I am all set to leave. We got into the Scorpio and off we went.


Away from the dust and smoke,

                                                  ……there lies the beauty that we seek. Roasted in the dark frosted by the dew and iced by the smile they possess. Here everything felt fresh, lightened, and warm. 

Dhading besi football ground
Dhading Besi


The program was in the school. I see small children rush towards the assembly line. Their faces were filled with charm. So eager to get knowledge, so cheerful to be in the same uniform. Here one is not different from others, each of them has their aim to be as glorified as their teacher, here no one has a big ambition to rule the internet they are just so happy to reach the gate of the school that even you can’t stop smiling looking at them. 

When the van eventually stops, every student is in the race to reach the assembly faster than the other. Different from what we see in cities…,

In cities, we are forced to get there but, here everyone is blessed to be in the same position. In the time where we see our happiness in things we possess, here they don’t even know what those equipment is for. So innocent so desperate and so keen to learn new things…,


Now I remember myself. I was doing what I always wanted to, learning new things every day. Here I was too entering the same gate of my college but never felt that excited. I learned to live, to cherish what I have, from those who didn’t even know I was being inspired. They wanted to be in my place, and here I was being inspired by them to let go of what I thought, to let go of what I could or couldn’t have become. I was already me and am learning to improve myself. 


You never know what inspires you,

                                                …… never know how and when you can inspire others. But what I surely knew is this trip was perfect. I got to see the innocence in people I got to realize my privilege. And most importantly, what I came to know was I didn’t need my phone or any other gadgets to experience life. So are we not missing out on experiences of life by just sticking to our phones.

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I still am not able to perfectly handle everything that comes my way but I am somewhat able to convince myself of my dreams of what I have thought. This makes it a bit easier. If you had any incident like such please share with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you all. And I am sorry for not clicking many photos because as I said earlier if I had my phone out I would miss this self realization. Thank you for being here till the end. ?❤️


  1. If u can’t see the destination clearly, just see the next step and follow that??.
    In love with your writing❤and trust me not exaggerating at all✌

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