Flaws in NIGHTS!! ; A poem

August 31, 2020
Nights : poem


In the world, where people always see flaws in nights
There still are some who know what nights can do!
To everyone who think nights are just dark
here’s what night actually is
The peace of mind to collect every memory you find
The safest place to be where you only find your sound
No giggling, no staring just you and what you create

For the ones who think nights are colorless
they are just perfect to those who find love in words,
with softly played music,
with the time where you were crazy about things,
And also for those who just have Moon to Share What They Feel

Nights are not just dark they are tears when you feel bad
They are smiles and butterflies in your stomach when unexpected becomes real
They are everything that you need when everything is tangled up
To people who think bulb not only brighten up their place
it also brightens someone’s hope who see nights giving it a chance to erase itself to make him the hero of time.

Nights are not just scary…
Its sweet talks, sensible discussions,
and efforts of solving any problem.
Its selflessness, its help,
It’s a cure to what’s been hurting for so long.

They are you, they are me, they are what we feel,
They are what we give, they are what we sacrifice.
But they are not what we expect in return.
So, it’s a little difficult to be realized.


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