Addiction of Mountains

October 16, 2020
Addiction of mountains

I belong to a mountainous country, which has eight among the top 10 highest mountains of the world including, Sagarmatha (Mount. Everest). It seems quite normal to develop an addiction towards it as I have known them for my whole life. We Nepalese know about the existence of this large humongous creature (I call them creatures because I believe they have life in them) from a very small age as we get to learn about them in our social studies book. But rarely go and experience how amazing it feels to be so small and contained. It has been around five years that I have this crazy thrill whenever I see mountains.


People who are close to me

know how excited I get when I get a slight view of them from the capital city (Kathmandu i.e. where I live), and others who don’t know me would think I am going insane. It’s not like I always had this feeling for mountains but, from the time I started making time for myself in the evening and started giving myself a proper one-hour break for the sunset, I gradually started to love them more and more each day. Mountains now inspire me to stand strong, and no matter how hard an earthquake hits you, you will always stand a bit taller than before.

Addiction of mountains

Living in a crazily populated city,

it’s always hard to find a place to escape but, Kathmandu serves with the best view from your rooftop. Grab a cup of hot tea in the chilly evening and face west-north (west for the sunset and north for the mountains). You will find how these clear chunks of white snowy mountains reflect every shade of orange, red, and yellow gloriously. Mountains energies my soul. They pull a different string in me that I can’t help but be so excited and happy just by seeing them.

Addiction of mountains

Not before than last year,

I had been so close to the mountains, and I swear I have probably made my gang irritated by this time. We were off to Gosainkunda, and on our way up, we were accompanied by the range of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Ram, Langtang, and many more mountains. By the time we were at the height that was sufficient for us to see them clearly, I almost halted for a good 15-20 seconds to admire what I was
experiencing at that moment for every step I took. My love for mountains has only grown by then. It’s quite crazy to say out loud but, I sometimes fear waking up in some random part of the world from where I can never see Mountains. For most of my life, I have been living in Kathmandu, surrounded by hills. The first thing that I see every morning after I wake up: is the hills that surround the valley.

Addiction of mountains

I love the idea of travel and,

I do believe traveling fills your empty soul with the desire to travel more and to accumulate so much from the surrounding. Like every other youth, I too have a dream to travel all around Nepal. Nepal is very diversified and beautiful than what we think it is. I know climbing every mountain we have is a bit more but, if I cannot reach the peak, I still have a dream to make it up to the base camps of these beauties. I had never thought that the mountains would have this warmth until I got close enough to fill its chills and love at the same time.
So let’s give ourselves one chance to love what we have known and seen for very long.


This is for the beauty from my side:

I felt almost dissolved.
The sky was up to the infinity.
And the ground was unreachable.
I was stuck in between happy and awestruck.
Felt homely in the roughness it had.
I felt warm with all those chilly breezes.
With gravity constantly pulling me downwards.
My heart took me up higher every time.
I never felt this small and contained.
I was held up just right without my knowing.
Mountains have always made me happier.
They show how hard and tall one should stand.
They show how after standing that high they can still melt.
Melting is hard but after it does it irrigates most part of the land.
They teach me how your vulnerability can actually aspire to the next one. Standing tall yet humble.

Addiction of mountains  Addiction of mountains

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