A look-down on my way : A Poem

August 15, 2020
A look-down: on my way

Well to start it off i am still searching for the adjective to label this one
One who still wishes me Good morning without knowing if the morning really is good or bad
The one who I am some days thankful to because if not this i would probably lose the battle between the cold outside and my bed.
So basically what i am trying to say is me and my relation with alarm is quite crazy.
Making through the chilly mornings rubbing my blue frozen hands I still make it till the bus stop.
Finding myself in a new world each time I reach here.
Everyday i see new faces starting their day with something no one knows hiding all the scar and fear
Everyone will be standing to kick start the day as the night has healed a little.

Exactly 8 days and 3 hours earlier i found myself in an interesting situation, that day i saw a mother of 2 sitting just in front of me trying her best to calm her baby down as he has been crying non stop.
Her words still hit my brain “thait kati roko kta bhayera ni runchan” (How much can you cry like a girl).
Then my crazy brain went all the way to the 10th grade questioning what my teacher has taught
Was the diagram of the eye different in male and female?? Was the tear glands only fit into a female’s eyes?
Which now led me to a more strange situation where i had seen my guy friends cry when they were weak. I have found them feel unsafe in talking about the insecurities just like me.

The other day I saw a girl who was in her early teens
Consoling her mother not to worry she is strong enough to defend what she has seen
Living in a full fledged family we rarely see violence from this close
Something strange happened to me when I saw a teen who has to walk on the wounded toes.

Sometimes I sit beside a lady who is little too sweet to inquire a lot about me ” Nani tapai ko naam thar chai k ho ani kati jana chora chori hunu huncha” (What is you name my child? And how many brothers and sisters do you have?)
I casually ans “Subigya ho aunty naam. Ani ma ra baini cham”.( “My name is Subigya, aunty, and I have a younger sister.”)
Now trust me I get this reaction often ” Daju bhai chaian?? ” (“Ohh! you don’t have any brothers??”)
And I think I still need a brother to say I am safe!!

I always talk about how being a feminist is completely fine
But only when you are wise enough to stand up from “Mahila Seat” (bus seat allocated for females) to the one with a bad spine.
If feminism talks of women being more powerful I will silently back-off
cause that’s no different from what we are standing on.
Speaking of all this i should also mention “Social Media Lawyers”
They come in a group and start trolling about World War 3 or any serious issues going on. Then I realize nothing is serious enough until the bomb hits you.

With all the interesting characters I meet on the bus I collect everything. A close glance of the society which claims that we are moving towards equality.
Then i question how ” By teaching your son to be a Gentleman and when he behaves gentle you say he is not a man”
” By constantly questioning a girl if she has a brother or not??”
We are growing and our mentality should also grow the questions should now change one should be wise enough to understand politics and not only blame it
One should be thoughtful enough to question cause questioning makes changes.

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