4 Books you can start with

January 17, 2021
Books you can start with

Reading is an escape. You get to know about many lives. Lives that may help you to see the diversity of the world. Some books remind you of yourself, where some remind you of something opposite. But the best part is reading can give you variations in the perspective of life through characters. While saying all the perks of reading, I should also mention the idea of getting yourself into a reading habit. What if I tell you that it’s not hard at all. What if I tell you that you only need to find that one book.

Trust me!

It’s not about you it’s about which book you start with. If you are a beginner, start with simple and swift-flowing books; that have stories you can visualize in your mind. And when you like a book, you will not think of leaving it half-read right. If you ask me I will say, “Go with romantic fiction first” this will surely drag you to the end. Finding something to start with is always hectic so, I will be listing the books I started my reading journey with.


The Lost Paradise:

Yes, you saw that right and, I am talking about “The Lost Paradise” written by Anjali Vaswami and Vikas Bansal. This is the book I started my reading journey. With each unfolding page, you are lead to new mysteries that will push you to complete it anyway.

The Lost Paradise


The Alchemist:

How can I miss the international bestseller The Alchemist by the most loved writer Paulo Choelo. It is simple but meaningful. Every person that has read this book has drawn their own and completely different conclusions. I don’t want to describe the storyline because I hope you will do that when you complete it in the comments below.

The Alchemist


Life on the Refrigerator Door:

It’s shocking to include it in the list of top 5, but it’s best for those who find reading bulky books difficult. To be more precise, it is intimidating to read bulky books in the very beginning. So this book is just a conversation between a mother and her daughter through notes which they put on the refrigerator door. This book shows that even with fewer words, we can touch the inner string of the audience. Alice Kuipers, you are a true artist.

Life on the refrigerator door

The Kite Runner:

One of my best books is “The Kite Runner” written by Khaled Hosseini. With a beautiful storyline of friendship and brotherhood, this book gives chills, tears, feeling of love all at the same time. I swear after reading this and a couple of more books by Khaled Hosseini, I was in love with Afghanistan and its beauty before the war.

The Kite Runner

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